RJS Fitness Center
Redondo Beach, CA.


"We take a personal interest in your success."


RJS FITNESS, founded in 1999 as an El Segundo personal training facility, established as a Redondo Beach gym in 2008, re-defines what private personal training and gyms are all about.  Over 20 years of personal training experience and education in a semi private gym focused on maintaining an environment conducive to longterm fitness goals.


Your Fitness Guide

I am here to help you create better exercise habits in my semi-private Redondo Beach gym and private personal training center. The equipment, education, and experience gives me the tools needed to achieve results in all my clients, regardless of age, current health and fitness status, and goals.  Having served the Southbay since 1999, from my El Segundo start, to my Hermosa Beach Personal Training facility to our current Redondo Beach gym and private personal training facility, I offer a level of communication, understanding, accountability, and thoroughness that is truly unique in personal training and other gyms.

I would love to be your guide to a healthier lifestyle!


I used to be a 24 hour Fitness person but since switching to RJS Fitness 18 months ago I would never go back. It is so nice to have the “personal”
attention you get at RJS and the family feel of the gym. No obnoxious music and juice heads here! Russ and his team are doing a great job.
— R. C.

When I’m working out at RJS Fitness I feel that I’m in my own personal gym. It’s quiet, peaceful and allows you to really immerse yourself in your workout.
— D.R.

As a chiropractor with a growing practice in Southern California, I look to align myself with health professionals that have not only the educational background and certifications relevant to their profession, but also the often overlooked service aspect. My clients rely on me to recommend professionals who are focused on getting them results – and the team at RJS Fitness certainly fits this mold.
— Dr. D H

I had been doing my same tired workout for years and RJS Fitness changed things up for me. The results are incredible. I’m stronger, have more stamina and I like what I’m seeing in the mirror. (Ok so it’s actually my wife standing next to me, that I’m seeing in the mirror, but you get my point!) The gym is clean and the equipment is well maintained. I love the coded access at the door too. Thanks RJS!”
— P. D.